West Midlands Police Modern Slavery Briefing: January 2018

WMP’s briefing document provides a monthly review of the current intelligence and is also provides the framework for assessing progress in regards to “Liberate” strategic objectives.

Key stats for this month:

  • 103 offences recorded overall.
  • 57 recorded as “Hold person in slavery or servitude”, followed
    by 39 offences as “Arrange or facilitate travel of another person
    with a view to exploitation”.
  • 46 trafficking, 32 sexual exploitation, 18 labour exploitation.
  • UK most popular country of origin for victims (21 Victims),
    followed by Poland (17), Albania (13), Vietnam (8) and
  • Just over half of the victims have been males.
  • Peak age of victims has been between 15 and 33 yrs.
  • Three quarters of these offences indicate that there are
    elements of organisation involved in regards to arrangement of
    travel, work and/or accommodation.
  • 215 intelligence logs recorded across the force during the last
    three months. 129 have been in regards to labour exploitation,
    followed by sexual exploitation (37) and trafficking (33).

To read the full briefing document, please click here.

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