Board members

  • Adrian Booth
    Adrian has been employed by a government department for more than 37 years. For 31 of those years he has worked in the law enforcement arena. During that time Adrian has undertaken many criminal interventions to protect the public purse and is now engaged in the strategic oversight and assurance of his department’s operational involvement in the criminal justice system. He has worked collaboratively with various other law enforcement agencies both within the UK and overseas, including India, Slovakia, Poland and the Netherlands.
    Additionally, Adrian has been involved in tackling human traffickers, working with both the Metropolitan Police on Operation Golf, where Romanian children were being trafficked to the UK and the Polish Police to terminate the activities of an organised criminal enterprise culminating in the arrest of 38 Polish nationals.
  • Alana Tomlin
    Alana has been involved with the West Midlands Anti Slavery Network since spring 2015, utilising her skills as a fundraiser to help secure the Network’s future.For her day job, Alana supports the development and submission of research funding applications from the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham. She previously worked in Business Development at The REP theatre in Birmingham with a focus on bid writing and securing philanthropic support. As a creative writing graduate, in her spare time Alana writes poetry and short fiction.
    Twitter: @alanatomlin
  • Coral Dando
    Ph.D., CSi., CPsychol., Forensic Psychologist (HCPC), AFBPsP., HEANTF
    Dr. Coral Dando is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Westminster, a registered Forensic Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist. Her primary research interests are centered on applying contemporary theories of long term memory to understand cognition in goal directed settings, such as during face-to-face interviews with witnesses and victims, and suspected offenders.Prof. Dando has led on a number of research projects. For example, i) exploring innovative environmental supports tool for scaffolding vulnerable eyewitness remembering to improve access to justice, ii) with funding from the UK government she is developing innovative techniques for detecting indicators of verbal deception in face-to-face and remote interviews, and iii) with several national and international government agencies she is developing interview techniques to improve cooperation and information gain during interviews with suspected offenders.

    Contact Details:
    Visit her website or follow on twitter

    Professor of Psychology
    University of Westminster, Dept. of Psychology, 6.111 Clipstone Building, 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6UW Office Hours: Wednesdays 1400 – 1500. By appointment via email:

  • Robin Brierley – Chair
    Robin is an Independent consultant on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Robin joined Thames Valley Police in 1990, and went on to work for the National Crime Squad, the Anti Corruption Command within the Metropolitan Police, and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.He worked within the Enforcement Directorate as an SIO, and later within the Intelligence Directorate working on organised immigration crime. Robin was later seconded to the United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC) before leaving SOCA to set up his own company in 2011.Robin is currently the Chair of the West Midlands Regional Anti Slavery Network and is also the Director and Coordinator.Together with Tatiana Jardan of the Human Trafficking Foundation he founded and Co Chairs and Coordinates the National Network Coordinators Forum set up to bring together the coordinators of Modern Slavery networks throughout the UK.Robin is very much victim focused and endorses the view that partnerships are essential to identify and rescue victims and should also contribute to an increase in investigations, prosecutions and convictions in line with National Strategy.
    Twitter: @robinbrierley